MountainKing Potatoes
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Quick & Easy Potato Recipes
Our MountainKing® Chefs have created delicious and time saving recipes that satisfy a wide variety of tastes. Click on the recipes below and Enjoy!
Quick and Easy Potato Recipes: 35 minutes or less!
Butter Gold Potato Recipes:
Classic Mashed Potatoes (15 minutes)
Cheesy Gold Potato Supreme (20 minutes)
Garlic-Parmesan Mashed Potatoes (35 minutes)
Bacon & Cheddar Mashed Potatoes (30 minutes)
Low-Fat Garlic Mashed Potatoes (20 minutes)
Speedy Spuds with Classic Chicken Topping (30 minutes)
Irish Colcannon (30 minutes)
Chicken and Potatoes Francais (25 minutes)
Corned Beef and Cabbage Potato Salad (25 minutes)
Nice and Easy Nicoise Salad (25 minutes)
One-Pan Potatoes and Chicken Santa Fe (25 minutes)
Swedish Hassleback Potatoes (20 minutes)
Little Havana Grilled Beef Potato Salad (30 minutes)
Marcella's Blue Ribbon Potato Salad (30 minutes)
Spanish Tortilla (35 minutes)
Don Pico's Golden Scrambled Eggs & Potatoes (30 minutes)
Russet Potato Recipes:
Low-Fat Oven Fries (30 minutes)
Bistro Bakers (30 minutes)
Two Stepper (30 minutes)
Mexican Style Potato Skins (30 minutes)
Sloppy Joe Spuds (35 minutes)
Steakhouse Parmesan Potatoes
Butter Red Potato Recipes:
Parmesan Roasted Butter Red Potatoes (25 minutes)
Lemon-Chive Butter Red Potatoes (25 minutes)
Irish Colcannon (30 minutes)
Curry Chicken & Spicy Butter Red Potato Salad (30 minutes)
Low-Fat Oven Fries (30 minutes)
One Pan Potatoes and Pork Provencale (20 minutes)
Red Potato Recipes:
Grilled Potato Pockets (30 minutes)
Creole Hashbrowns (30 minutes)
Green Bean Potato Salad (30 minutes)
Grilled Asparagus and Red Potatoes (25 minutes)
Grilled Potato Wedges (20 minutes)
New Crop Red Potato Pasta Salad (35 minutes)
Curry Chicken & Spicy Red Potato Salad (30 minutes)
Grilled Red Potatoes (20 minutes)
Grilled Potato Planks with Rib-Eyes (30 minutes)
Swingin' Spring Spuds (30 minutes)
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