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Rustic Potatoes

RusticsKing Rustics
From the outside King Rustics look like the traditional russet potato you have always known – but inside you'll find the world's most remarkable potato. King Rustics are naturally rich, smooth and creamy - melting in your mouth and tasting great even before you add the butter. The secret comes from their home high in the Rocky Mountains where King Rustics are nourished with rich soil and irrigated by snow-melt. Try King Rustics in all your favorite holiday russet recipes, but hurry - a potato like this only comes along once per year.

What you tell us
Houston, TX
The King Rustics are amazing! I'm not one to rant and rave over potatoes but I decided to give these a try and was pleasantly surprised! I have a 14 year old son who is a very picky eater and even he loved these potatoes! I hope they stick around! I will definately buy them again! Thanks so much!
Debary, FL
WOW! These are the best tasting potatoes i've ever had and i'm no potato fan they blew me away you have a customer for life great job, the photo on the bag the story born in the mountains irrigated by snow melt the best!
Christine Beck
Montgomery, TX
I bought the King Rustics bag... and they are some awesome potatoes! I baked them and my family fought over who was going to have the leftover potato! I won because I'm mom! Yea me! I had to do some research and find out if they taste so good because they are GMO... I called today and you told me MountainKing's potatoes are not GMO! Thank you! It's hard to find foods that aren't messed with these days.
Folkston, GA
I just discovered your King Rustic potatoes ... and they are the best russet ever. I can't buy normal russets anymore.
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